Press releases

Date                      Title

Aug 2, 2013        German Newspaper, der Spiegel, probes unrecorded banishment in Krupp dynasty of Essen.

Dec 7, 2012        Photographic Identification Expert Findings Affirms Krupp Banishment Theory

Dec 7, 2012        Krupp Inheritance Pleading Headed to Germany's Highest Court

Sept 25, 2012     Essen Probate Court Delivers Ruling on Krupp Inheritance

Aug 31, 2012      Engelbertha Krupp Foundation Launches Web Site, Fundraising Efforts

June 20, 2012       Krupp Dynasty inheritance challenged by U.S. descendents 

Mar 27, 2011      Dynasty Author Announces Engelbertha Krupp Charitable Foundation

Jan 28, 2011       100th Anniversary of Engelbertha Krupp's Death Observed

Dec 8, 2010        Author calls on ThyssenKrupp to send delagation of historians to U.S.

Nov 24, 2010          Discovery of Nazi Germany Krupp Dynasty living undetected in U.S.

Nov 11, 2010          Author Announces First Book Talk/Signing in Albany, NY

Nov 1, 2010        Krupp Dynasty book released world-wide

Aug 20, 2010      News website feature on "The Cannon King's Daughter."

Jun 10, 2010       June 13th Marks 156th Birthday of Engelbertha Krupp

Jun 8, 2010         Author calls on Essen church to reveal communications on banishment

Jun 1, 2010         Lakehurst, NJ woman ID'd as third and final source for Krupp Dynasty book

May 18, 2010     Author reveals identity of sources for Krupp Dynasty book

Apr 22, 2010           Book reveals Jersey City woman was banished Krupp from German dynasty