Internationally recognized photo identification and family history expert is Maureen Taylor.

Ocean Twp., NJ (Web site of author David Stroebel) December 7, 2012

Maureen Taylor, internationally recognized photo identification and family history expert has Wall Street Journal, endorsements. "Nation's foremost historical photo detective" - The Wall Street Journal

Confirming today what author David Stroebel has believed since 2008, photo identification expert Maureen Taylor has concluded from her analysis of two photographs provided by Stroebel. "The nose is pretty convincing. All the features line up. Just the ears seem longer on the older woman." --Were the words of Maureen Taylor to describe the analysis she conducted using special facial recognition software on one photo dated 1869 in Essen, Germany showing a young Engelbertha Krupp with her parents and brother Friedrich Krupp.

Watch Maureen Taylor's comparison movie of the two photographs of Engelbertha Krupp

The other photo showed a much older Engelbertha in 1906 taken in Jersey City, New Jersey where she and husband John Joseph Stroebele immigrated to in 1882 and 1883 from Germany.

Stroebel uncovered the true identity of his banished great-grandmother in 2008, after the death of a relative prompted him to research his German origins. His research led to three previously unknown elderly relatives in New York State and New Jersey who communicated century-old revelations, documents and photographs to him. Stroebel began to investigate the merits of their claims and uncovered convincing evidence to support them.


David Stroebel