Dynasty Author Announces Engelbertha Krupp Charitable Foundation to Honor Banished Great-grandmother


To be headquartered in Jersey City-Foundation’s counterpart in Germany is the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Foundation led by humanitarian Berthold Beitz.

Freehold Township, NJ. March 27, 2010

Stroebel is the author of the book: The Cannon King's Daughter: Banished from a Dynasty, the True, Untold Story of Engelbertha Krupp, (Amazon.com). The author contends that Engelbertha Krupp was banished and disinherited from Germany’s $60 billion dollar Krupp steel dynasty by her father, Alfred Krupp, in 1874. Stroebel presents strong evidence that she is the rightful sole heiress to the $60 billion dollar empire now known as ThyssenKrupp AG with headquarters in Essen, Germany.

Revelations, records, and photographs passed down through five generation of the author’s family tell a story of Engelbertha Krupp, who disobeyed her father's orders to break off her engagement with John Joseph Stroebele, a poor shoemaker employed at Villa Hugel in 1874. When she married Stroebele, she was banished and disinherited by her father, Alfred Krupp.

Stroebel will serve as Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer overseeing the operations of the foundation he established with four other relatives—sister Jennifer Stroebel, of Saratoga Springs, NY., cousins Marybeth Cornell, of New York City, Nancy Ahlers of Ithaca, NY., and Anna Barton, of Eatontown, NJ.


The Engelbertha Krupp Charitable Foundation, Inc

David Stroebel