Web site named for banished German Great-grandmother from German steel dynasty who died in Hudson County

Ocean Twp., NJ (Web site of the Engelbertha Krupp Charitable Foundation, Inc.) Aug 31, 2012

Ocean Twp., author David Stroebel has announced the commencement of fundraising efforts and the launch of the foundation web site named in honor of his German-born great-grandmother, Engelbertha Krupp, who was born into, then banished and disinherited from Germany´┐Żs premier steelmakers known today as ThyssenKrupp, AG.

The Engelbertha Krupp Charitable Foundation provides funding for the fight against hunger, domestic violence, education, historic preservation, and Holocaust awareness in Jersey City, New Jersey, where Engelbertha and husband John Stroebele lived. The foundation provides funding for historically underfunded, high-demand programs that are minimally supported through local, state, and federal funding and other organizations but that are eventually overrun by demand to the point of depletion before year end. The Engelbertha Krupp Foundation will help reverse this trend by offering funding to those organizations that demonstrate a need for additional resources.

Stroebel uncovered the true identity of his banished great-grandmother in 2008, after the death of a relative prompted him to research his German origins. His research led to three previously unknown elderly relatives in New York State and New Jersey who communicated century-old revelations, documents and photographs to him. Stroebel began to investigate the merits of their revelations and uncovered strong and unmistakable evidence to support their claims.

David Stroebel is Chairman of the Engelbertha Krupp Charitable Foundation, Inc., of Ocean Twp., New Jersey.


David Stroebel